As the cannabis industry changes, as more companies come into the market from outside of the industry, more customers will come to use cannabis.

"I don't think this is a bad thing," says DeAneglo. "All of this is a good thing. There is this monumental collision that is about to happen between the corporate world and cannabis. If we are ever going to achieve our goal, if this plant is ever going to get in the hands of people all over the world, this will be necessary."

Lastly, DeAngelo spoke directly to the legacy entrepreneurs and the newcomers.

The legacy entrepreneurs, DeAngelo says, are going to be called upon to make one more sacrifice--to let go of the cannabis plant and let it go completely mainstream, which will mean some pioneers will lose their place and new entrants will replace them.

"Let's make this sacrifice gracefully, we need to release this plant and allow her to go out, get wings, claim her destiny, to go out and help every single person she can help and we are not going to do it ourselves," says DeAngelo. "We have to welcome these newcomers, we need to let them help the industry."